About the Author

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Hannah Hurley

With 6 years of educational experience, I have been in K-8 mainstream, special education, public and online schooling. I’ve learned a wealth of knowledge that I am so eager to share with teachers and parents alike. It took until my first job as a gymnastics coach to realize how much I love personalized learning, which lead me to the grand career of teaching. After deciding to be an educator, I was watching home videos and realized that at the young age of 4, I was role playing teacher and had my own version of classroom management.

My experience as an educator is one that is very different from the average, I got my credential in 2008 in California when there was a hiring freeze. As unhappy as I was to not have my own classroom, I was blessed with 3 1/2 years of substitute teaching that allowed me to have enriching encounters in the classroom. I learned classroom management, personalized learning, and the difficult task of flexibility on the fly. While sitting in the lunch room listening to teachers debrief, I realized how devalued and dull teaching can become for many. I vowed to stay upbeat and bubbly despite contracts and school mandates.

With The Brain Crop, I hope to continue to inspire and motivate educators both entering the field and wanting to exiting. By integrating our passions and cultivating community, education will once again be engaging for not only students, but the educator fueling the process.





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